Andrew Alexander


Andrew has a wealth of experience obtained over 20 years in the industry
His passion for the industry started when he was seven years of age, albeit rolling speaker cables up for his dad at the Speedway, or the motor racing.
Corporate AV’s loyal client list is testament to Andrews planning, vision, and sheer determination. He ensures that each event proceeds flawlessly.

His particular strength is within conferencing and trade shows. If you’re a conference organizer or Event manager looking for consistent delivery and continuity of product across vastly different venues, Andrew is undoubtedly your man.

It is fair to say Andrew is an “out of the square” and quick thinker, so he is our go-to-guy for flexible solutions which often results in very original outcomes!

Andrew also comes from management positions in the hospitality sector, world wide and in Auckland.

Have a chat with Andrew about your event, a great idea or a new business partnership.

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Phone 021 515419

Rebecca Alexander Auckland

Rebecca Alexander


Rebecca joined us in 2004 and brought along the female touch to Corporate AV.

Her organizational and client management skills have truly professionalized the company. With a background in graphic and media design, Rebecca has the ability to visualize the "big picture" and discuss most audio visual events right through from concept to the finer detail.

We take advantage of the creative flair she brings to the design and implementation of our events.  Having spent years developing peoples brand graphically, she now has an amazing understanding, and places a huge importance on developing brands through the multi-media audio visual industry.

Rebecca also comes from a hospitality background. In particular, boutique or medium sized hotels. This experience is critical to her unflustered approach to corporate clients.

Have a chat with Rebecca if you would like a quote, a design for your event, or pricing for a new idea of yours.

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Phone 021 425504


Brett Rodgers

Brett Rodgers


Being a “client first” manager like the rest of us, Brett fits into our culture just perfectly. He is excited to be able to work with clients one-on-one, right from initial planning through to execution of each event.  

Brett is a senior technical, event, and account manager with close to 20 years experience in both sound and vision. Not only a hands on and practical techie, he is also a dab hand with pre production, logistics management, crew management and on site operation.

Brett happily chats for hours about all of the weird and wonderful events he has been part of prior to joining our team, but his eyes really sparkle when mentioning moments like operating the sound for the Queen and Clinton during CHOGM, and large scale projection systems touring Russia and China.

A passion  for current trends in the AV world, means Brett keeps his eyes and ears out constantly for innovative and dynamic audio visual solutions.  Being just as passionate ( and just as talented ) “muso” means when he isn’t working his magic at Corporate AV, he is most likely found jamming in his home studio.

Have a chat with Brett if you would like to know how to achieve your AV goals, would like a bright spark to throw new ideas at you, or just to talk "techie"

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Phone 027 3682683


Andy McGrath


Andy is the newest member to our team, and he comes to us bursting at the seams with experience in media production, directing, camera operation, video editing, and AV solutions for televised competitions held nationwide.

Andy is our "Video Guru" and heads our team to produce media for corporate videos and live events.

Andy is also a wicked musician, and we are lucky enough to experience this first hand - he's known to pull his harmonica out and have a jam while we are having lunch or a coffee!  Touring with his band "The Slacks" means he gets to see a lot of NZ in the weekends too!

Have a chat with Andy if you would like to know more about how to take away recorded footage of your event, or produce media to show at your event.

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Lauren Jaine

Lauren works her magic with our accounts. Without her we would be lost.

We also find she is easily bribed with chocolate when we have spent too much money on awesome new equipment.

On a serious note, she has a wicked eye for detail, a pro with Xero accounting software, and ridiculously friendly too!


We have a crew of "solution" focused technicians on our team

Each of our technicians are armed with the technical know-how to execute seamless and successful events.

Not only do our technicians have huge amounts of knowledge within audio engineering, visual systems and IT solutions, they also understand the "wider picture" within events- seamless operation and unflustered professionalism with our clients.


Don Alexander

Don Alexander

Every company needs an old timer around! And that we have, with Don.
Don has lived and breathed Audio for the majority of his life, and he is an inspiration and a bundle of knowledge to us all. 

Don is an audio expert for outdoor arena events such as motor racing, A&P shows and air shows – basically anything requiring spoken voice and music audio over a large area.

Close to 60 years of experience means Don keeps us entertained with some cracker stories in the office.
Some highlights include:
- Spending time with Princess Di and meeting the Queen and Prince Charles at Waitangi day celebrations
- Meeting Nelson Mandela at St Matthews in the City
-Years of Western Springs Speedway and Rally of New Zealand Motor Sport
-Years of mixing audio for the likes of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, and Cilla Black whilst touring the old classic theatres throughout New Zealand.

Last year Don was awarded a service award for providing 50 years non-stop Audio service for the Royal New Zealand Easter Show.  An achievement showing  true reliability and honesty.
Incidentally Don isn’t afraid of adventure, He also owned the first hot air balloon in New Zealand, raced go-karts and enjoys a spot of trout fishing.

Don's name is synonymous with the application of public address audio and we are so grateful to have his input and influence within Corporate AV Services.


If you have visited our offices, you will have met Ollie.

He thinks he's upper management, because he has us wrapped around his little finger. It’s a good thing probably, as he's not much of a help with anything Audio Visual.
He has been known to enjoy lying on the couch in the sun, and barking into a Microphone and Sound System when we're testing it.



Corporate AV Services are always looking for motivated and talented people. We will be happy to receive your CV even if there are no open positions at the moment you apply. All applications will be considered as they are received.

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