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Corporate AV supports Project Kiwi Trust





Project Kiwi Trust is an industrious force behind the preservation of our national icon. We feel very privileged to be involved with a number of different areas of the project.

Primarily, we donate technology and our support to ensure the project can operate at its potential.

We also have a “hands on” involvement, with Kiwi relocations, Kiwi monitoring calls, and numerous releases into the wild New Zealand Bush. These are very special experiences to us, as many New Zealanders sadly do not even have contact with our national icon.

Rebecca has also assisted graphically with the development of Project Kiwis identity.  

This is something else we are very passionate about!


Other Organisations we support:

we support radio lollipop

Radio Lollipop New Zealand
P.O.Box 28308
Remuera, Auckland 1541
Registered Charity CC34997

Ring 0900 71234 for an automatic $10.00 donation