Communication is the key to a successful presentation.

Speak to your audience, listen to their questions, respond to their reactions, adjust and adapt.


The inclusion of a few audio visual items can assist with this:


- Our PA systems or sound Systems are designed to fill your room. Every single person needs to hear you clearly, and concisely.

- You may prefer to stand at a lecturn with a microphone. Or perhaps you would like to move around the stage with a wireless hand held or lapel microphone. (a lapel microphone clips onto your shirt)

- Visual aids such as whiteboards, projector and screen for information display also add interest.

- A stage at the front of the room not only elevates the presenter, but it also adds height to your visual aids. Your branding banners, whiteboards, and head table will also stand out more.

- A distracting backdrop takes the focus off you. We often black drape behind the stage to bring the focus back to the presenter. Black draping also adds a premium feel to your stage area.

- Can your audience see you? We stock a variety of stage lighting to theme, and spotlight the presenter.


- A hand held wireless microphone that can be passed around the audience not only helps you hear their question, but also the rest of the audience.


- If what you have prepared is not getting across to your audience, change your strategy mid-stream if you are well prepared to do so.  A wireless mouse clicks back and forward and skips through your PowerPoint presentation. It enables you to stand away from the laptop, and still be in control.


- If you are short of time, know what can be safely left out. If you have extra time, know what could be effectively added. Always be prepared for the unexpected